LOUISVILLE, Ky. — An organization supporting abortion rights is launching a new billboard campaign in Kentucky that members said offers a different voice on the issue.

What You Need To Know

  • The campaign is from the Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

  • Digital billboards will be on display in Louisville, Paducah and Nicholasville

  • The organization says it has raised more than $12,000 for the billboards

  • The billboards will be visible for eight weeks, beginning April 19

“We are taught by our faith that we need to walk in another person’s shoes before making any kind of a judgment," said Rev. Diane Snowa with the Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (KRCRC). "Our message is that abortion is a personal decision between a woman and her God, and our God knows and understands and cares and supports a woman making such a decision.”

A sample billboard. // COURTESY KRCRC

The signs will say, “Walk in my shoes before you judge my abortion,” “Good people have abortions. God knows and loves you,” and “Abortion: a personal decision between you and God.”

They will be located in Louisville at the Kentucky Expo Center and in Paducah and Nicholasville.

The organization has already raised $12,000 for the eight-week campaign, according to Snowa. 

“We have placed our billboards for visibility in urban centers in Kentucky, and we are hoping that the people who read them will consider abortion perhaps in ways that they haven’t thought about before.”

Another sample billboard. // COURTESY KRCRC


The billboards will be on display beginning April 19.

Currently, billboards from ProLife Across America are in place around Louisville with messages that appear to be aimed at stopping abortion.

"I had eyes 14 days from conception," reads a billboard with a photo of a baby.

Spectrum News 1 contacted Kentucky Right to Life about the KRCRC campaign. Executive Director Addia Wuchner provided the following statement:

“Kentucky Right To Life has always been and will always be unwavering in our support and love for mother and her child. We believe one cannot love the woman without loving the child. God is the author of life and our mission and prolife work reflects God's love. We bear witness to God’s love recognizing the dignity and the intrinsic value of every life from conception to natural death.”