LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) sorority gathered in Louisville Wednesday to view the historic swearing in of its most famous member, Kamala Harris, as Vice President of the United States.

Vice President Harris joined the organization as a student at Howard University in Washington, D.C.  During the Democratic presidential primary, sisters of AKA rallied nationwide to support Harris's unsuccessful campaign for the nomination.

AKA continued its efforts in her behalf, after then-presidential nominee Joe Biden selected Harris as his running mate. On Wednesday, the group watched with pride as Harris made her entrance at the inauguration, sworn in with her husband by her side.

At the Louisville AKA watch party, Host Cassandra Robinson- Miller said it wasn't the original plan, but precautions due to security concerns at the US Capitol required a change.

"We were scheduled to be there with her and after events that happened a couple of weeks ago, we felt it was very unsafe for us to be there in person," Robinson-Miller said. "However, we felt like it was still necessary for us to be together to celebrate this momentous ocassion."

There were plenty of food and drinks as members donned their sorority colors and paid tribute to the Vice President's love of Converse All-Stars sneakers. Laughter filled the room, but didn't overshadow the fact that history was being made.

"I was just elated and I thought she was beautiful and represents us and black women around the world," AKA member Monica Flowers said. "Someone who is strong and intelligent and somebody who is the first at something."

Chapter President Lisa Stringer was smiling from ear to ear throughout the afternoon. Stringer said it's an exciting time for not only the sorority but the country as a whole.

"Our founders founded our organization based on service to all mankind and now that my sorority sister is now going to be of service as Vice President of the United States, she is going to able to help so many people and continue the rich legacy that was started in 1908," Stringer said.

They were some future AKAs present, including Robinson-Miller's daughter.

"I give her a lot, and I know that it takes a village to mold a child; and she always has to have inspirational women she can look up to that look like her and she's been able to do that with Kamala Harris," Robinson-Miller said.