NORTHERN KENTUCKY — Volunteers needed. A Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati non-profit organization that helps low-income families is putting out this call of service.

The coronavirus put a pause on volunteer events and several low-priority projects. 

“Our client base is never been more in need of service,” said Jock Pitts, president of People Working Cooperatively.

The non-profit is celebrating its 45th anniversary.

Pitts said they usually have annual volunteer events in spring and fall, to help out low-income families with untended or time-sensitive home repairs.

“We could organize it for them and we are desperate for their help in trying to get some of these past projects completed that on a typical year we would have addressed but this year we have not,” Pitts said.

But the problem became: managing safety this year during the pandemic.

“Our families still have the needs, people still want to give, we just created a way to make it safer and more reasonable and accessible for people to coordinate their time and do it safely to our customers,” Pitts said.

They came up with a solution. PWC will host 45 days of service, calling on volunteers to help with various projects based on their experience.

“During that time, we’ll organize small groups with masks, outside related work, critical stuff or minor stuff if people don’t have the skillset, we’ll find some ways to help out, some shorter things around the outside. we’ll make it work for people but so they can give back and help their neighbors and their friends stay safe in their home,” Pitts said.

Ultimately, with safety protocols in place, volunteers would be able to tackle any job big or small.

The non-profit said they need at least 1,000 volunteers.

Service days range from October 1 - November 14. Here’s the link to register.