LOUISVILLEKy. — Restaurants in Kentucky can reopen for business tomorrow but only at 33% capacity. But not all restaurants are eager to reopen. Four Pegs in Louisville will leave its chairs turned over.

"Right now it’s a disaster area, we’re painting and remodeling," owner Chris Williams says with a laugh. 

Williams is also the main man behind the smoker at Four Pegs. Its last day open to patrons was the day before St. Patrick's Day. On the eve of the partial reopening Williams says it's not quite time. 

“A lot of people aren’t opening because they don’t necessarily feel safe. Even with 33% capacity you’re still going to have people on top of each other, especially in bar settings. I mean how do you control people who have been drinking?" Williams says. “We’re not going to open in-person dining for...probably mid-June at the earliest.” 

What Williams is going to do is open his outdoor patio on Memorial Day but with limited contact with staff. 

“It’s just going to be like picnic-style service. People are going to call in, place their order. We’re going to hand it to them out the door like we have been with the regular carry out but they can go sit outside.”

Tables will be spread out, including on the sidewalk to keep with social distancing standards. 

Four Pegs will continue carry-out orders which Williams says has been steady enough for him to hire back his kitchen manager.