SIMPSONVILLE, Ky.  - The Kentucky Humane Society’s work with dogs and cats is well documented but, recently, another animal arrival has highlighted crucial work in another field.

Willow the horse was recently found abandoned and extremely malnourished near an old strip mine in the eastern part of the state. Her will to survive inspired the organization to name their new barn in her honor - as they add to a total of more than 300 horses rehabilitated and adopted in the four-year-old program.

“When we find that forever home for a horse, and the horse is in love with their people and the people are in love with their horse; that is the best day for us,” smiled Shara Wiesenauer, director of the humane society’s equine program.

The organization named Willow because willow trees are known for their resilience. They believe it’s a perfect name for the farm as well, long after Willow the horse finds her new home.