Criminals and drugs including “Mexican Meth” are flooding Kentucky according to a new campaign ad from Republican Attorney General Candidate Daniel Cameron.

The 30-second spot goes on to say opponent Greg Stumbo approves of giving “illegal immigrants” driver’s licenses and wants to turn Kentucky into a sanctuary state.

“This madness has to stop, I’m Daniel Cameron and I’ll work with President Trump and Kentucky Cops to get the Mexican meth off our streets,” Cameron says in the ad. “I’ll never let Kentucky become a sanctuary state.”  

The Stumbo campaign says not only is this ad incorrect it's racist and taking a page from the “white nationalist’s play book.”

“It is truly shameful that the first African American candidate for statewide office in Kentucky would resort to such blatant racist attacks against our immigrant communities in order to score a few cheap political points,” said Meredith Scalos, Campaign Spokesperson for Greg Stumbo. “ It’s one thing for Daniel Cameron to call Greg Stumbo an “old white man,” but pitting Kentuckians against other innocent Kentuckians who have immigrated here legally should be a bridge too far for any voter who believes in social and racial justice.”

Scalos goes on to say Stumbo has never been in support of allowing undocumented immigrants into the country and actually opposes decriminalizing illegal border crossings.

The Stumbo campaign is also taking issue with Cameron’s claim Stumbo sponsored legislation to provide driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants. The legislation Cameron is referring to is House Bill 396 from 2013 which never received a vote, Stumbo was listed as a cosponsor on the legislation that would have provided a undocumented immigrants who had lived in the Commonwealth for three years to obtain a “certificate for driving” essentially a driver’s license. While the certificate would not be able to be used as a form of identification it also would not allow investigation or enforcement into immigration fees.

The Stumbo campaign says the law was to require immigrants to provide information to law enforcement to track them.

This ad comes as the Democratic Attorneys General Association released another television ad attacking Cameron for his “lack of legal experience.”