LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Two organizations partner up to offer addiction treatment to people in the comfort of their own homes.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Kentucky and Renew Recovery launched their innovative treatment model Tuesday. It is the first program of its kind in the state and will be critical in reaching Kentuckians with substance use disorders who have previously gone untreated.

Anthem consumers who meet the criteria for in-home addiction treatment will undergo a regimented, but highly personalized, in-home treatment program for one to two months and then transition to an outpatient model lasting up to two years.

The care team will include a psychiatrist, responsible for creating and evaluating treatment plans; a licensed therapist and case manager, who provides evaluation and counseling through individual and group sessions; and a peer support recovery coach to deliver continuous support while connecting the member and his or her family members to recovery resources in the community.

“We really thing this is an opportunity that really has been lost until now,” said Dr. Jeff Reynolds, medical director of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Kentucky.

As part of the program, a pharmacist with Louisville-based St. Matthews Community Pharmacy will consult with members in their homes about medication-assisted treatment, and when appropriate, will administer naltrexone, one of three FDA-approved medications to treat substance abuse disorder.

“The niche this is going after are the people that are working. The people who need to stay in their jobs and homes,” said Amanda Newton, chief operating officer of Renew Recovery. “This program will allows us to reach a new segment of the population that often forgoes treatment due to time constraints and the unfortunate stigma associated with substance use disorders.”

The in-home program also incorporates BehaVR, an evidence-based platform that uses virtual reality technology to encourage healthy lifestyle changes. Research shows that individuals who receive mindfulness-based relapse prevention report significantly lower levels of craving following treatment.

While this is the first program of its kind in Kentucky, Anthem has previously provided coverage for in-home treatment models in New Hampshire, Maine, and Connecticut.

“In-home addiction management empowers the individual and their loves ones to take a more active role in treatment,” added Newton.

The organizations will monitor the success of the program. It is their hope down the road it can be implemented as a statewide program.