With the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby just around the corner, there are some important items to think about when it comes responsibly enjoying the high-profile horse racing weekend.

“Derby weekend can be a huge trigger for a lot of people to relapse. If we have a lot of time away from our substance of choice and especially alcohol, than we can think, it’s derby weekend and i’ve got to partake,” says Jessica Tate, Director of Outpatient Services for Landmark Recovery.

Landmark Recovery has facilities in Lexington and Louisville and specializes in helping those struggling with addiction.

“Last year 150,000 people attended derby weekend and during that time over a 127,000 mint juleps and 522,000 cans of beer were served, so we know that people are going to be partaking in drinking. The number one thing that i want to tell people is to remember, if you are going to partake, is that the horses are the ones that are sprinting. This for us, if you are going to be drinking. It’s a marathon,” adds Tate.

Tate also mentions that the number of participants at Landmark Recovery vary throughout the year, but the message on how to avoid being over-served is the same, even during derby weekend.

"Know your limits. Have people around you who know your limits. If you start drinking too much, have somebody that kinda can hold you accountable and make sure that you are taking care of yourself and practicing safe limits, explains Tate.

Tate also recommends to stay hydrated, remember to eat and to not even considering to drinking and drive, when planning out your derby weekend festivities.

“In Kentucky in 2016, we had 129 DUI related deaths. There are so many options. We have Uber, we have lyft, probably more driving companies that i don’t even know about. alot of apartment complexes offer shuttles to and from the event, even from lexington there are apartment complexes to and from churchill downs, there are so many options besides drinking and driving.

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Landmark Recovery exists to provide those struggling with addiction a bridge to a brighter future. Our team of highly qualified professionals will provide a comprehensive, 30 day residential treatment program catered to each patient’s individual needs, goals and diagnoses. The program starts with an initial assessment by a physician or nurse practitioner to determine whether detoxification or anti-craving medication is necessary. Learn more here: https://landmarkrecovery.com/