LEXINGTON, Ky. — Some holiday traditions, like ice skating, will look a little different this year with COVID-19.

An ice-skating rink in Lexington opened its doors to the public Saturday with new precautions in place. General Manager of Lexington Ice Center Dennis Hyde says the Triangle Park Ice Skating Rink is one of the many places this year that has had to make changes to its arena. 

“We get the benefit of being outdoors, but we're also trying to treat it as if it was indoors and maintained the same, same procedures that we would, you know, even at our indoor rink as far as social distancing and masks, protection, that sort of thing,” Hyde said.

All skaters are asked to wear a mask at all times while entering and exiting the arena and while on the ice. Yellow markers are placed around to represent social distancing between groups, and benches are spread six feet apart. 

“We’ll have open daily except for Thanksgiving and Christmas we will be closed but it’s a beautiful thing, right now being outdoors, kind of getting a taste of the holidays is what we’re trying to do," Hyde said.

Triangle Park will also have entry points and exit gates for customers to use to limit the number of interactions people have with one another. The rink is only allowing around 50% or less of its normal capacity on the ice at a time.