BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Summer Shannon, president of the Bowling Green Freedom Walkers, stood outside Anna’s Greek Restaurant Monday night demanding justice. It was the second protest Shannon has attended in the last week.

What You Need To Know

  • A protest took place outside Anna’s Greek Restaurant in Bowling Green

  • The Republican Women’s Club of South Central Kentucky hosted a dinner with Ex-LMPD Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly at the restaurant 

  • The dinner was cancelled at its original venue because of the controversy, but the women’s club quietly moved to the Greek restaurant

  • The Bowling Green Freedom Walkers organized the protest 

“I’m disappointed that Anna’s Restaurant allowed the event to take place, that Mattingly is profiting off of Breonna Taylor’s murder and that we’re allowing a murderer to come into our town,” Shannon said.

Shannon was helping lead the protest against Anna’s Greek Restaurant, which hosted the Republican Women’s Club of South Center Kentucky and the club’s guest—former LMPD officer Jonathan Mattingly. He’s one officer involved in the March 2020 raid where Breonna Taylor was shot and killed.

Aaron Preuett was among the two dozen who came out to stand up against the restaurant. He was the head of bartending for 8 months at Anna’s Greek Restaurant. He has a challenging time wrapping his head around what happened the other night. 

“I can’t begin to imagine what that must have been like to just candidly appear when you’re dining… I mean, I would’ve been horrified,” Preuett said. 

The Bowling Green Freedom Walkers are making sure Breonna Taylor’s name lives on. 

“[We’ll] keep Breonna Taylor’s name alive, keep her legacy alive, and be her voice because she no longer has one,” Shannon said.  

Spectrum News 1 reached out to Mattingly on Monday and did not receive a reply. Anna’s Greek Restaurant did not respond to phone calls made on Monday.