LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Traffic restrictions implemented in downtown Louisville last week have been loosened through an executive order issued by Mayor Greg Fischer.

What You Need To Know

  • Traffic restrictions in downtown Louisville loosened

  • Restrictions put into place as city prepared for Breonna Taylor decision

  • Some restrictions remain in place

Specifically, traffic restrictions and the parking ban from Broadway, north to Market Street, and from Second to Ninth streets have been lifted, and barriers along the routes are being removed. As well, restrictions on access to the following downtown parking garages have been lifted:

  • Advocacy Plaza
  • 4th Street Live
  • Louisville Gardens
  • 300 S. 3rd Street
  • 6th and Market

Some traffic restrictions will remain in place. Jefferson and Liberty, between 5th and 6th streets, and 5th and 6th streets between Jefferson and Liberty will only allow pedestrian traffic with no parking.

Earlier in the week, Fischer announced his curfew expired Monday morning at 6:30 a.m. and said barriers and traffic restrictions set up downtown would be assessed on a daily basis.

“The curfew served its purpose of helping ensure that most people were home safe by 9 p.m., because our past experience had shown that most violence and destruction occurs after dark,” Fischer said. “We sadly saw some violence, including the shooting of two police officers, one of whom remains hospitalized, dealing with complications of his injuries. But we believe the curfew helped, by ensuring fewer people were out late in the day.”

Fischer, by executive order, established a 72-hour curfew ahead of the Breonna Taylor decision last week. He later extended the curfew through the weekend.

As the city prepared for a decision in Taylor's case to come down, Louisville Metro Police Department restricted vehicle access in certain areas downtown, and through a separate executive order, Fischer restricted access to five downtown parking garages and banned on-street parking around Jefferson Square Park.

“We appreciate that the vast majority of protesters over the past several days have been peaceful,” Fishcer said. “Thank you to LMPD for all their hard work in planning and executing this protest detail. We will continue the work to become the city of justice, equity, opportunity and peace that we all desire, and deserve.”