FRANKFORT- Despite objections from Democrat Jim Glenn's attorney there will be a recount in Kentucky's 13th state House District. 

The House Election Contest Board voted 6-3 along party lines for a recount to be conducted. 

Republican DJ Johnson lost to Glenn by one vote in the 13th House District race in November. Glenn has already been sworn in as a representative, but Johnson asked the House of Representatives for an election contest hearing. 

During the final hearing, Glenn's attorney Anna Whites argued against allowing a recount-in part due to the cost associated with it. Whites said a recount can cost around $40,000, something Glenn did not have. 

Kentucky law requires the losing candidate in the election recount to absorb the associated costs. Johnson, however, agreed to pay for the recount, as long as the cost was "reasonable". 

Cory Skolnick, from Frost Brown Todd, Johnson's lawyer argued a recount was the only way to ensure a fair election because six votes were counted on Election Day that failed to meet the requirements set by law for voting.

There are also 17 absentee ballots in question that were not counted because they were not signed--or otherwise were submitted incorrectly.

The chain of custody of these ballots were called into question by Glenn's attorney--after being transferred into the House Clerk's office. However--the ballots were found to be untampered with  after further examination .

The Daviess County Board of Elections will be conducting the recount.