NEW YORK STATE -- A woman suspected of trying to mail a package containing ricin to President Donald Trump has been arrested, according to multiple reports Sunday. 

What You Need To Know

  • Authorities arrested a woman at the U.S.-Canada who is suspected of sending ricin to the White House, report said Sunday

  • The package, which was intercepted by law enforcement, was reportedly addressed to President Donald Trump

  • Charges are expected to be filed

The woman was taken into custody by Customs and Border Protection agents as she tried to enter the United States from Canada at a border crossing in New York, reports said. She was carrying a gun, a law enforcement official told CNN.

Federal prosecutors are expected to file charges against the woman. 

Law enforcement intercepted a package containing the poison that was sent to the White House and addressed to Trump, according to multiple reports Saturday. CNN reported the lethal substance was discovered last week at an offsite facility where all mail is sorted before being delivered to the White House. 

Other letters that tested positive for ricin were also sent to different prisons, with one addressed to a political figure, an official told NBC News

Ricin can be made from the waste left over from processing castor beans. If inhaled, it can result in difficulty breathing, fever, cough, nausea, tightness in the chest, fluid in the lungs and blue skin.Low blood pressure and respiratory failure caused by the poison could lead to death.

It can be made into biological agent used in warfare or by terrorists.