FRANKFORT, Ky. — Kentucky leaders are stepping up security in Frankfort for Inauguration Day following reports about the potential for violence at state Capitol buildings around the country.

What You Need To Know

  • Heightened security is expected in Frankfort Wednesday

  • The Capitol Campus will be closed to the public

  • Expect restricted car traffic and enhanced law enforcement patrol

On Sunday, the Kentucky State Capitol grounds were closed due to reports there would be armed protests. 

Heightened security is expected in Frankfort Wednesday, including restricted car traffic and enhanced law enforcement patrol, according to Jill Midkiff, director of communications for the Finance and Administration Cabinet. 

The Capitol Campus will be closed to the public. 

"There does seem to be an increased presence," said House Minority Floor Leader Rep. Joni Jenkins (D). "I think that they are preparing for the worst, which I hope doesn’t happen."

Jenkins said she took action immediately after the attack in Washington. 

"One of the first things I did after January the 6th was ask to meet with the head of security and talk to them about preparing my caucus should something happen while we were in session over in the chamber or if something would happen while we were in the annex," Jenkins said. 

Kentucky State Police provided the following statement in response to a question about Inauguration Day security:

"Kentucky State Police wants to reiterate what Governor Beshear said recently, that domestic terror is never OK. We will not allow what happened at the U.S. Capitol to happen in Kentucky. KSP condemns anyone that is considering acts of domestic terrorism on our state and nation. 

We all must agree to not encourage or allow this behavior. Just like today, and every day, KSP, the National Guard and Frankfort Police stand ready to defend our commonwealth.

In the coming days and weeks we will remain focused and diligent, and will be prepared to respond as needed." 

Lawmakers are working to set up a group to oversee security policies, according to State Sen. Danny Carroll (R) of Benton.

"We have talked over the recent years about things that need to be done and we have made some steps and there have been some changes made, but I think what has happened has really brought to the forefront the need to step up a time frame, and take some actions now," he said.