LEXINGTON, Ky. — A Lexington man has created a product that could help make the exchange of money cleaner and with the coronavirus able to spread through touched surfaces, the company thinks that this will help others feel safe when it comes to paying.

When Countdown Games in Lexington closed their doors due to the virus, Michael Bransom the engineer for the escape room worked on a product that would help their company add an extra layer of protection.

The product is called the Money Zapper. By placing the money into the box, Brandom says it can kill almost all germs and bacteria using UV light technology. 

“I mean a lot of people don't even think twice because it's pretty easy to use.” Bransom said.

Oliver Lawal, the CEO of AquiSense Technologies, has been in the UV technology field for more than 25 years. He says that UV lights have been used for a long time to kill bacteria, that's why he believes that the Money Zapper could be the real deal. 

“You've got lots of lots of different sources of infection, if I've got people breathing, okay, wear a mask that really helps. I got people touching things. Okay, wipe it down. That's difficult to do all the time, if I'm receiving money, I put it through this, this will work.” Lawal said.

Bransom is currently working on selling the money zapper to other companies and businesses to help lower the spread of the virus.