VERSAILLES, Ky. — It has been in the same location for and doing business for more than 200 years.

Lola Durbin is the co-owner of Cornerstone Pharmacy.

"Cornerstone Pharmacy is a family-based business to serve the community. We were born in Woodford County. We've been in Woodford County. We love Woodford County and we support Woodford County."

Cornerstone Pharmacy in Versailles, Kentucky

Like other small businesses, the Cornerstone Pharmacy in downtown Versailles has had to adjust how it operates during the COVID-19 pandemic. For this mom and pop drug store and grill fountain, customer service would take on a new meaning.

Robin Reed co-owns the pharmacy with Durbin.

"When it all started, the phone started ringing. People were wanting hand sanitizers and thermometers and masks. We're like, "We can't get hand sanitizer or masks." So, Kelly, the main pharmacist, she said, we can make it in the lab. We got the recipe and that's what we did."

Cornerstone Pharmacyturned its attention from making sandwiches and filling prescriptions to bottling their own hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray in order to fill the gap left by empty store shelves.

Durbin says they learned how to do it quickly.

"To make the hand sanitizer requires a formula. When we found out we could make it about a week or so after it started, we dove right in, feet first. We were ready to go with it and roll with it, and our girls upstairs have done an amazing job of putting it together. Our brother, Rick has done an amazing job in finding the bottles and run all ... I bet he's traveled 500 or 600 miles just to buy the plastic bottles."

Homemade sanitizer lines shelves for anyone who needs it

Each bottle is carefully packaged and made available to any customer requesting it.

Reed says this community establishment is here to help its neighbors.

"There were people here that were without jobs and we decided, okay, let's do it because we wanted to serve the community because this is a cornerstone in Versailles."

A cornerstone with selfless employees that want to pay it forward by making and offering a vital necessity to the community they serve. Durbin says the community support for the pharmacy has been incredible.

"I want to thank the community so much for all their support and all their love, the calls of encouragement. We've been here every day. Our employees who have effortlessly been here every day and to do the job they do, because we can't do it without them. We're not important. They are."