LEXINGTON, Ky. — Peggy’s Gift and Accessories are now selling fabric face masks and a new device that will make avoiding doors a lot easier, hands-free keyrings. 

By using the loop on the hands-free keyring, you can pull it through the door handle and open up the door without touching the door with your hands. 

Owner Peggy Queen hopes that these products will help people in public from touching other surfaces and spreading the virus. 

“I think it's gonna be nice for people to have in their purses, just in case they don't want to touch the door handle just to keep everybody safer,” Queen said. 

But the device does more than open doors, it can keep you from touching pin pads too. By using the end of the keyring, you can type on a pin pad to keep from touching the pads in public while paying at the register. 

Right now, the store is only doing curbside pickup or delivery. Queen hopes to be able to open her doors on May 20. 

Both the masks and the keyrings are available for purchase through their websiteFacebook Page, or by calling their store and placing an order.