DETROIT, Mi. — 49-year-old ARon Jordan was working in Michigan when he got sick and was admitted to a Detroit hospital. The bricklayer from Ashland realized he was exposed to someone on a job site and instead of returning home quarantined himself at a hotel. He would never return home.

Jordan was a member of the Ashland Bricklayers Union 7. 

ARon is believed to be the youngest Kentucky victim of coronavirus.  He was a father of seven children and seven grandchildren. He died after suffering cardiac arrest on March 31.

Governor Andy Beshear spoke of Jordan on his daily briefing on April 4. 

 “He made a decision even in his last moments in life that he would protect them rather than maybe get that connection, that closer connection that maybe would have helped him during that period. It’s the type of sacrifice and his family’s sacrifice that they are making in their most difficult time to make sure this is very real for all of us.”

Jordan was born on August 30, 1970, in Huntington, West Virginia.