For 9-year-old Avery Colomb, her love of Taylor Swift has no limits, but she’s not listening on a iPhone or CD. She’s listening to her favorite artist on vinyl. Her interest in records goes all the way back to last March. Avery is helping show her father’s record collection.

“I get to have pictures taken of me and the records like every week,” Colomb says.

Avery’s interest in records is part of a national trend. The Recording Industry Association of America said in 2020 alone, vinyl sales accounted for 62% of the physical revenue, marking the first time since the 1980’s that vinyl outsold CDs.

That’s great news for Sound House Records in Troy and owners Matt Klein and George Weinish, who recently opened their doors.

“We see across the board; young people, old-time collectors, people in the middle, people who have extensive collections, down to people who are just starting,” Klein says.

Klein says this resurgence in vinyl sales is attributed to the nostalgic feeling of holding something and listening to music that is standing the test of time.

“They like the experience of holding a record, putting it on a turntable, looking at the art, reading the liner notes, turning it over to side two and really taking time to explore the music and enjoy the music," Klein says. "Once you hear one record, you want to hear another one. It’s a little bit of a rabbit hole.”

So far, Klein says his store has gotten off to a fast start, adding that he hopes it can become a place for all music lovers to enjoy.

“We really look forward to expanding the store and making it a community and a place where people can experience more than just buying records,” Klein says.