This time of year there are lots of holiday decoration displays to enjoy, but one has caught the eyes of some folks in Rotterdam.

"We just hope this brings... just some joy to people," said homeowner Chris Hogan.

"Hey kids, look! A deer!" And pigs... and cousin Eddie. And... is that Clark Griswold hanging off the roof?

"We'd see the cars go by slow to look at him, but then you get the car driving down, locking their brakes up," Hogan said. "A gentleman pulled us over and at first, I thought he was gonna start to yell at me, but he said, 'I just wanted to tell you that I drove by the other day and I was yelling at the dummy for a solid three minutes saying, 'Do you want me to call 911? Can you hear me?''"

And in fact, some people have called 911, says Rotterdam Police Lieutenant Kyle Girard.  

"Obviously it was fake, but pretty realistic," Girard said. "So we let the dispatchers know that so if they're getting calls, they're letting the callers know, 'It's just for the holiday season and for a good laugh.'"

In previous years, Hogan says they had a full light show -- Christmas Vacation style-- but  the bill was exorbitant. Last year, they tried a Krampus display and Hogan says this year's idea came from his wife.

"We bought a dummy from Spirit [Halloween store]] during Halloween and we dressed him up, because we saw a house in Chicago it had been done to, but it was flat dummy, so we thought, 'Let's make it realistic and have fun,'" Hogan said.

And police aren't upset about the extra calls either. In fact, Girard says his patrol officers spotted it and let others know about the display...

"It's a classic movie and he's done a great job over there, I mean, it's a beaut," Girard said with a smile.

And Hogan says  this time of year should be fun.

"It makes it feel like when you were a kid. That's the feeling I want to go back to," Hogan said. "Just as you go by, maybe you're thinking something that you've gotta get done and you go by the display and you flashback to what Christmas was and what your childhood was and it just gives you a little bit of happiness for a few moments."

The Hogans are having the the "hap-hap-happiest Christmas" on Crestwood Drive in Rotterdam, if you're interested in checking out the display. The Hogans have music, lights, Cousin Eddie and reindeer, along with Clark hanging off the roof. Pigs are also part of the display, which have no significance to the movie, Hogan just says he really likes pigs.