SCHENECTADY, N.Y. -- The city of Schenectady is moving quickly after a mudslide left a home hanging off the edge of a hill.

A total of two homes and a garage were demolished by crews Monday. The good news is no one lives inside the two Barney Street homes taken down. It’s costing the city about $70,000 for the demolition.

Big questions still remain about the apartment building at 223 Nott Terrace, where several people had to be removed Sunday. No one is being allowed inside, and it’s unclear if that building will also be taken down.

"It hasn’t been determined yet whether it has to be demolished or partially demolished. We’re not sure. We’re waiting for an assessment on that," says Asst. Police Chief Jack Falvo.

There was some worry about what would happen when the homes on Barney Street were taken down, and if any debris would fall down the hill. Luckily, it doesn’t seem that there were any major issues.

Officials say they are still working to find the cause of the mudslide.