WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. — If you've ever seen a professional athlete's training regimen, you may have already come to the conclusion that there is no true offseason.

And you'd be right.

What You Need To Know

  • Proactive Fueled by Herbalife Nutrition in Westlake Village is a brand-new, state-of-the-art sports performance facility for the country's top professional athletes

  • The facility was specifically designed to cater to every aspect of an athlete's training — from nutrition to workouts, prehab and rehab

  • All 32 NFL teams report for training camp this week

  • The Los Angeles Rams and Chargers will both kick off their seasons during the first week of September

“I would say, the good ones, you’re thinking about it all year-round," said Rams safety Nick Scott. "Most guys at this level are thinking about it all year-round.”

Scott, like countless other NFL athletes across the U.S., has been busy gearing up for the 2021 season.

All 32 NFL programs have already reported for training camp — widely seen as the first step in a long journey to the Super Bowl. And while training camp is the first hallmark event of that journey, players have been putting in much more work behind the scenes.

In a year where professional football is returning in full post-pandemic, training and off-the-field prep are perhaps more important now than ever before.

"From a functionality standpoint, to balance, to cognition, it makes a huge difference," said Scott. "There’s not one drill you can’t take or apply to the field."

It's that prep-to-field transition that draws athletes to facilities like Proactive Fueled by Herbalife Nutrition. The sports performance facility offers pros like Scott, his teammate Micah Kiser, the Chargers' Justin Herbert and Derwin James a unique experience unlike your average gym.

If you walk inside along with Samantha Clayton, Herbalife's vice president of sports performance and fitness, you'll find technology and equipment you may never have heard of. From an altitude room where they "can set the altitude and really make it feel like they are training up in the mountains" to various sensors and camera tech along the floors, it's all designed for peak performance.

“We have a ramp with force plate technology that's especially important for football players," Clayton said. "How is their start? What side are they leaning on?"

Inside the brand new facility are other additions such as a massage therapy and physical therapy room, a basketball court, a pros lounge, a nutrition are — complete with an Herbalife nutritionist — and a hydrotherapy room.

The facility, designed by founder Ryan Capretta, was made to ensure each athlete who comes through the doors walks out healthy and remains that way throughout a grueling season.

“A lot of time, they need rehab or prehab to prevent injury," Clayton said. "We have that all under one roof combined with research to look at how we can make future athletes better.”

It’s that emphasis on preventing injury that is particularly important for the NFL. In 2020, the league saw a huge increase in injuries on the field. The pandemic had a brutal impact on training and playing, one that saw players sustaining injuries at alarming rates.

At Herbalife, the focus on data-driven workouts is meant to help track progress and prevent injuries down the line.

“Data-driven decisions are embedded in every facet of pro sports to improve all of our outcomes," said sports science manager Josh Beaumont.

The off-season was much more routine for players, and the hope is that come game day all the work put in off the field will pay off.

“Once you’re able to attack it and apply it and know what you wanna attack, it’s perfect to take your game to the next level," Scott said. "The sooner you get intentional, the longer you can play.”