What a great way to start off the new soccer season at the North Hills Community Park than with the grand opening of a new multi-purpose field.

  • New multi-purpose field unveiled at North Hills Community Park
  • Field was launched ahead of upcoming youth soccer season
  • Kick-off event featured local councilwoman and members of CSUN women's soccer team 

Thanks to a partnership between Councilwoman Nury Martinez, Girls Play LA, and the CSUN women’s soccer team, young players were able to learn some new moves from some of the best that CSUN has to offer.

The field wasn't officially open yet, but that didn't stop Brianna Solis and her teammates from testing out the new turf, especially with this whole experience being brand new to her.

“It's really fun to play and to play with new people and make new friends,” said Brianna. “I like kicking the ball but, I'm not really that good I'm still learning.”

It's this opportunity for young girls like Brianna to get involved in sports that led to this field being built in the first place. 

This eight-month $1.3M project was a joint venture that was built in the hope that it will help young girls believe in themselves.

"To me it's always about making sure that women, in particular who are in male dominated fields, get to talk about what they do [for] other young women because you can't be what you can see," said Councilwoman Nury Martinez.

"Hopefully people are taking that away today. 

With her shoes laced up for action, the councilwoman did her best to  show the kids a thing or two. She admitted that she’s “not the best, but will always give it my best.”

Soon after, Brianna was able to take to the pitch with the CSUN women's team to work on free kicks. 

“I am happy that there's a lot of people that are here to help me out. I can play soccer, I feel good and I have more confidence. I can do better than when I don't have confidence," said Brianna.