The lights and cameras are seemingly always around for one high school freshman basketball player in North Hills.

With his team looking to make a deep run in the playoffs, freshman stand out point guard Skyy Clark is happy he has the support of his team, both on and off the court, to be successful.

  • Standout point guard among top ranked freshmen in the state
  • His season will be followed by a documentary film crew
  • Having coached other high-profile players, his coach is providing guidance

He is one of the top ranked freshman basketball players in California, and not only does his play draw large crowds at the games, but national attention as well.

Which is why for the next few years, he'll have a camera crew following his every move. 

"It gets overwhelming some of the of time, but you know, you kind of get used to it and it ends up being a lot of fun,” said Clark.

However, it took some time to get to this point. After spending the first half of his freshman year at Oaks Christian Academy, he transferred back to Heritage Christian Academy where he attended middle school.

This meant that some of his teammates were some of the people he grew up with, but it was also his relationship with coach Paul Tait that brought him back as well.

“He is a really great coach and also a really good person. I know I can trust him with anything. I know he always has my back,” said Clark.

The young baller is drawing so much attention that even the coach himself has been thrust into the spotlight.

But Tait is somewhat used to it, as he used to coach Jrue Holiday in high school at Campbell Hall.

Holiday would eventually go on to play for UCLA and the New Orleans Pelicans.

Tait said, ‘We played on ESPN a couple different times, so there was a certain amount of fanfare that went along with Jrue and the success of our program,” said Tait. "this is the first time here at Heritage, you know with Skyy, that we've had that kind of publicity."

With his experience, Tait knows how to manage the fanfare, while also giving the players the attention they need to handle it all.

“[Skyy] realizes why he's here and what he's trying to do," said Tait. "And it's to get the full high school experience and then focus on basketball. The idea that he's so grounded and that starts with his parents.”

The son of a former NFL player, Clark is one of six siblings. The whole family's always there and they're always there to support him in his moment.

“I don't have to worry about them using me about them just caring about me just because I'm a big basketball player. I know they love and care for me for who I am," said Clark.