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Taylor Torregano is happy to be home after several years reporting for ABC affiliates in Northern California and Florida. She was born and raised in the Inland Empire, then set off for college in the Bay Area to pursue broadcast journalism.

It was at San Jose State University that she fell in love with storytelling. She has a passion for connecting with the community and finding the stories that make an impact on every person who watches. She has reported on nationally covered wildfires, mass shootings, and hurricanes, but what motivates her most are the days when she can spend extra time crafting a report that will give a voice to those who are otherwise unheard or unnoticed.  

That’s what led Taylor to Spectrum News 1, an organization known for community compassion and redefining the local news landscape. Taylor feels like this is the perfect fit, and she’s ecstatic to bring all that her home has to offer to her reporting.