ORLANDO, Fla. — You always hear about the artists who are struggling during this pandemic. So we wanted to find out what's actually good right now. Jay Leno's former correspondent delivers.

  1. Her laugh is unlike any you've ever heard in your life. In fact, the infectious noise is so memorable, it landed Angie Ramos a gig on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as a correspondent.
  2. Ramos visited New York City 20 years ago. The then tourist geeked out around Leno's crowd until a cameraman heard her one-of-a-kind “gah-faw.”
  3. “He's like, what is this coming out of your mouth!?” Ramos laughed, telling us her story at Cafe Tu Tu Tango on International Drive in Orlando. “Like, [I was] discovered on the street for real.”
  4. She's now in charge of entertainment at the restaurant, demonstrating her unexpected skill set — coin cutting. She says sales are up, despite the pandemic, as more people are buying local.
  5. Nearly 30 artists have their work on display at Cafe Tu Tu Tango. Several artists, like Ramos, are there performing live art demos while you dine.