PACOIMA, Calif.  – Nancy Gomez is desperately trying to get her son out of a tree. One of the many challenges for her and the 18 other families who currently reside here at Pacoima Place, is keeping their children entertained.

But the only area where the kids can play here is in the parking lot.

Gomez has been homeless with her three children on and off for almost five years.

“It's been really hard. It's really hard. But LA Family Housing has helped me a lot. My kids have a roof over their head and we're not spending the night in a car, or on the streets or in a tent. And I really appreciate that,” said Gomez.

LA Family Housing teamed up with Nickelodeon’s Community Outreach Program, “Nick Helps,” and an organization called Muralism. They’re transforming the dirt-filled front yard of Pacoima Place into a fun and safe place for these kids to play.

“Homelessness is really hard, especially for children," said Andrea Johnson of LA Family Housing. "So when we have partners like Nickelodeon who understand that building a playground can really bring joy to a child's life, that means so much to us. So we're incredibly grateful for this partnership. And we're so grateful to have a place where children can play -- that's not in a parking lot.”

Gomez and other parents are happy their kids have a place where they can laugh and just be kids.

“My kids are my strength. They're the reason why I keep on doing what I'm trying to do,” said Gomez.