CANOGA PARK, Calif. -- What started off as a creative outlet has grown into a road map towards independence for one 17-year-old living with autism.

Since he was just 12, Chase Bailey has been showing his many online fans cooking tips and how to make great dishes.

Over the years, cooking has helped him in many ways. One of those ways, has been the development of his fine motor skills. 

“I had to get used to it, [but] like as you get more into it, then you'll get the hang of it,” said Chase.

He was diagnosed with autism at age two. One of his symptoms was extreme food aversion. 

But that all started to change after he got hooked on watching cooking shows.

“I see all these people enjoying their food, so that really got me. It's like, you know what, 'I kind of want to, I kind of want to do all this,'” said Chase.

He launched an online venture, making his own cooking videos on his YouTube channel "Chase 'N Yur Face."

His videos became so popular that over the years, he's gained over 17,000 subscribers and even got a shout-out from Food Network star Guy Fieri.

He would even go on to cook alongside the famous food duo, Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken, owners of the Border Grill in downtown Los Angeles.

He hopes to one day have his own TV show. In the meantime, he's staying sharp as a social media influencer for the food delivery company Milk and Eggs. 

He also understands that it's important for him to be a role model for other kids living with autism.

“I like to inspire other kids to do what they love to do or what they dreamed of doing,” he said.

For more on Chase, check out his website.