Edna Minassian has a scar left over from surgery she had in November of 2018.

  • Woman had successful operation to remove a brain tumor
  • Tumor had been clouding her vision and could've led to stroke
  • It was discovered while she was taking a vision test at the DMV

Unbeknown to her, a tumor had been growing inside her head, wrapped around her optic nerve.

“It’s just scary to see that I had a tumor and I didn’t know,” said Minassian.

The tumor got so big, it began to cloud Minassian’s vision, but only in one eye. When she was renewing her driver’s license and she had to cover her right eye for part of the vision exam — she couldn’t see anything.

That very same month she was operated on by brain surgeon Martin Mortazavi. Her surgery lasted seven hours.

Now, looking at the latest images of Minassian’s brain, it’s clear the tumor is totally removed.

Dr. Mortazvi says the kind of tumor Minassian had is extremely common. Where it was located, though, is rare. It meant he had to be very delicate in removing it.

Dr. Mortazavi is proud of his handiwork.

“She actually hugged me in . . . the intensive care unit because she could see . . . It’s indescribable,” said Dr. Mortazavi.

Minassian’s vision is now almost completely back to normal.

The longer the tumor was inside her, the worse things could have been. Dr. Mortazavi says she could have lost her vision or had a stroke.

“It’s scary, but it’s also a blessing because Dr. Mortazavi saved my life,” said Minassian.

All because of a routine visit to the DMV.