Changing the perception of wine is the goal of Lindsay Williams who created the South L.A. Wine Club. She wants to teach her community that anyone can enjoy and appreciate wine.

"I’ve been doing events, bringing wine makers to the community, doing wine education events in the community, and just having fun. I'm making wine accessible and affordable," said Williams.

The business started as a hobby and a way for Williams to bring the community of Inglewood together through her love of wine. When she realized people were interested, she knew she had to take the opportunity.

"I said, 'Wow, there is actually an audience and people actually want to do things around wine in South LA,'" said Wiliams.

Williams is a nurse and South L.A. Wine Club is her passion project.

She didn’t have a business background so she needed help. She learned of USC’s Bridges to Business Program that offers classes to minority, veteran, and women led businesses, mostly located in South and East Los Angeles.

The 10-week course guides these small businesses through all aspects of keeping a business afloat. This is something Williams thought was important for her wine club.

"I said, 'Okay let's track our finances, let's see how we can grow and build.' I learned how important that web presence is to have one place to go to," said Williams.

With her website built and her newly acquired skills, Williams hopes to continue to grow her wine tasting business and expand her teaching.

"[I want to help] overcome maybe negative stereotypes about how alcohol is consumed in communities of color and changing that perception," said Williams.

Learn more about South LA Wine Club here.