Jarett Perlmutter was taking some time to clean up inside the newly refurbished Calabasas High fitness center. 

  • Calabasas High got a new weight room and fitness center
  • Project was brainchild of grad who is CEO of a fitness company
  • Facility took nearly a year to complete and cost over $150,000

The student athletes still don't quite know where everything goes. 

"I got to clean up after them, like I'm their mother," quips Perlmutter. 

Now the CEO of his own fitness company, this weight room was the design and brainchild of his along with a group of other alumni. 

Perlmutter, a former athlete himself, and a group of Calabasas grads recently formed the alumni association with the sole purpose of bringing this facility to life.

"It’s for anybody that is a faculty member or a student of Calabasas High School. [They] will have access and the ability to use what we call the CHS fitness center,” he says.

The project took nearly a year and it cost a little over $150,000 to complete.

Perlmutter said this all started when Kanye West, the rapper turned fashion designer, was trying to buy the rights to redesign the high school sports uniforms. 

"And that's when one of the leads of our alumni board stepped up and was like, 'Not going to happen,'” said Perlmutter.

He took some time to walk around campus and it brought back some very detailed memories about his school that he loves so much.

He remembers where his old locker was and even where he used to sit for lunch.

“Over here is where like some of the heshers and punkers would sit all the way in the far back,” he said. “They probably ran off and hid to go smoke cigarettes.”

The group did all of this for students like Arturo Corral, a football player who's entering into a senior year, and says that he's already seeing the effects of the new facility.

"It looks great to the whole team. It’s just more motivation,” said Corral. 

Exactly what Perlmutter was hoping for.

“Whether or not I'm credited for any of it, I can know in the back of my mind, that for years and years to come kids will be positively affected by this space,” said Perlmutter.

A great partnership that led to a great opportunity for the Calabasas Coyotes.