Thousands of educators across Los Angeles Unified School District schools participated in the first day of the teachers' strike on Monday. But many parents also joined in on the picket lines for a cause that they believe in. 

Jennifer Brown is at home on a Monday afternoon getting ready to take her three sons out to support the strike. 

The boys come into the living room and grab their damp strike signs to get ready for their second picket line of the day here. In the morning, they were all at Van Nuys High School, where her 16 year old son Nathan is a junior.

"Part of the reason we were out picketing this morning is that I feel like what the teachers are asking for is fundamental to creating a good learning environment for our students," said Brown.

Now they're freshening up their strike signs to head out again for the afternoon picket line at 12-year-old William’s school.

"I want you guys wearing ponchos because those raincoats earlier were okay this morning, but you were pretty wet," said Brown.

The mother of three is a freelance editor and writer and says she's lucky to have the freedom to keep her boys home from school.

"I'm lucky. I certainly don't blame any parents who are needing to send their kids to school and needing their kids to be some place. It's a difficult situation all around and I hope it's resolved quickly," she said.

The family puts on boots and plastic ponchos and loads up into the minivan.

They head over to Van Nuys Middle School.  Being a part of the strike is something she feels they can learn from.

"As a parent. I feel like this is a lesson I need to teach my kids that if it's important we stand up for it," she said.

Nathan agrees.

"Yeah I feel pretty good about doing this," he says.

They trudge through the rain and receive a warm welcome as they join the striking teachers in the cold rain.

"We love our parents! Thank you for coming out today", a teacher on the line tells them.

"Of course," Brown replies.

Brown and her sons walk to the front of the school and hold up their signs for the cars passing by.

Many of them respond by beeping their horns in support.

"If we want education that is truly great and fair for everybody, then we as parents need to stand up and demand it," says Brown.

Tonight they will dry off and tomorrow they plan on heading back to the picket line for another day supporting the strike.