HOLLYWOOD, CA – Most people have likely seen sign spinners on street corners, twirling and waving their signs to get attention, but before they can hit the streets, they have to first learn the tricks of the sign spinning trade.

  • Sign spinning becoming a career
  • Spinners can make $15 an hour
  • World Sign Spinning Championships held in Vegas

Justin Brown is in charge of training for AArrow Advertising.

"I’ve been doing this for 15 years, and I’ve spun signs all over the world," Brown said.

There is video of Brown in Sydney, Australia sign spinning while blindfolded. The company, headquartered in North Hollywood, has been hiring people as living, breathing billboards since 2002.

"Anywhere between 15 and 70 years old. I’ve seen it all," Brown said.

Mo Rodvanich is one of Brown’s students. She is facing her third practice session.

"I was desperately looking for jobs, so at one point, I was just like…'I’m going to apply for this,'" Rodvanich said. "You see people do really cool tricks, and you just feel like…'Aww, I want to be able to do that, you know?'"

Most spinners in high school, and spin their way through college, making up to $15 an hour in their first year.  Brown said it not only helps young people, but also boosts the economy.

"When we work for businesses, and they’re sales go up, they’re able to hire more people," Brown said. 

Some, like Brown, have made spinning a career.  In fact, sign spinning has become a part of him.  He even has the outline of a sign spinner tattooed on his arm.

"I’m going to get a smile.  They’re going to feel better. I don’t know how long a smile lasts these days, but I’m going make sure that that goes out there," Brown said.

There is also a World Sign Spinning Championship each year in Las Vegas, where the experts come to play.

"We really think of the signs spinning culture as a family, like I’m always so excited to see these people," Brown said.

Rodvanich knows she’s not quite ready yet.

"I’ve been freaking out that I’ll hit people with my signs," Rodvanich laughed.

Still, she has learned a thing or two along the way.

This year's World Sign Spinning Championships will be held January 18 and 19 in Las Vegas.