What started off as a hobby in his garage has become a thriving business for Peter Gick.

  • Former set designer was looking for a hobby when he discovered knife sharpening
  • What began as a hobby is now a thriving business
  • He is part of a growing number of Americans who are 'un-retiring'

Any good knife sharpener will tell you that it takes a combination of a steady hand and laser-like focus.

That's exactly the case for Gick, who goes by “Knife Sharpen Guru,” and is highly adept at getting any blade as sharp as the day it was purchased.

“I take a piece of paper and I test every one. You want to know if you missed any little spots," he said, slicing effortlessly through an old receipt. 

He does it all inside of his custom trailer using customized tools that he engineered specifically for knife sharpening. 

"It has to be very good and fast to keep the price the same as all the other guys out there,” he said.

It all started about five years ago as a hobby, when he carved a tiki for something to do after retiring from a career as a set designer. 

Soon into the hobby, he said he found himself becoming quite bored.

"My wife, probably out of frustration, said why don't you go out in the garage and sharpen my knives," he said. “And I used the equipment I had for my carving and sharpened knives. It was oddly satisfying." 

While he does most of his work at farmer's markets, he also makes house calls. 

“[I was] having a really hard time getting through the skin of the tomato," said Rebecca Harvey, a client from the neighborhood. "My knives wear out very quickly.” 

While the mother of four went back inside to finish up some tasks, Gick stayed out front giving her knives a new life. Much like this business that began as a hobby has done for him. 

Gick is 62 years old and if he keeps up at this pace, according to a RAND study, three years from now he'll join the nearly 40 percent of Americans who are un-retired.

"There came a time that I was ready to do something again and it gives structure to the day when you retire,” said Gick.