VAN NUYS, Calif. -- Michael Feifer is hard at work on set just one day away from completing filming of his latest movie. 

“So, this is about a nurse who takes care of a boy with (a disease) for a family and she ends up taking a liking, a little too much to the boy and the husband,” Feifer said. 

It’s a female-centric thriller, something which has been a common theme in Feifer’s career. Most of the 60 films he has directed have had female leads and are stories about women for a women’s audience, something not always common in the typically male-dominated film industry. 

“I think a lot of people feel abandoned by studios making theatrical films that don’t cater to them,” said Feifer.

The actresses who work with him appreciates having someone who is not only an actor’s director, but who understands their audience, which is themselves.

“It’s wonderful. It feels like we can all come together and make wonderful films together,” actress Mieko Hillman said.

“Content that is for us, with characters told by us, in roles we want to see,” Abbie Cobb added. 

“It’s awesome. He’s a champion of women. He loves these female-centric pieces. He just provides a lot of working opportunity for us. So, he’s one of the good guys for sure,” said Lyndon Smith. 

It’s something Feifer is proud of and why he gives actresses freedom to tell the stories from their performance perspective. 

“When you’re directing a movie and women are starring in it, that director relationship is very important, you’re in the trenches with those actors,” Feifer said. 

He’s in the trenches of film making providing entertainment for networks like Lifetime and Hallmark channel, that women might not find anywhere else.