ANTELOPE VALLEY, Calif. – It seems like a rare moment of quiet for mother of three Lisa Bray. Seated at her kitchen table, she takes the time to scroll through her computer and phone.

What You Need To Know

  • Adopt a Senior Facebook group originally started in New Mexico

  • Now includes dozens of local pages nationwide

  • Bray is responsible for four groups of her own, with 4,000 members

  • Encourage community members to "adopt" seniors and bring them gifts

But rather than just scrolling, Bray is busy at work on one of four different Facebook groups she manages.

“With Facebook you’d think everything is instant, pretty quick," Bray said. "Nope, I usually start about 6 a.m. and I don’t get done until 12 or 1 in the morning.”

A few months ago, Bray was invited to join an Adopt a Senior group on the social media site for her local community in the Antelope Valley. After joining the group, she wanted to bring the same idea to another area.

“I asked permission to borrow her idea and she told me this wasn’t her idea either, so it’s across the country," Bray said.

In fact, there are hundreds of similar groups where communities under stay-at-home orders are hoping to spread joy to the millions of high school graduates who have had so much taken away this year.

As a parent volunteer at her children's school, Bray said she understands just how difficult it has been for seniors.

“I’m a part of their graduation every year. I get to hand out their caps and gowns every year. I don’t get to do that this year," said Bray. "It took something away from me. I know it’s taking something away from them.”

She wanted to do something tangible to show her support.

In March, Bray launched a Facebook group in the Santa Clarita Valley, one in Los Angeles, and one in the San Fernando Valley. She also created a special page for 6th and 8th graders.

“As a mom we do what we have to do and I think as a mom we have to do this," she said. "They deserve it, they worked hard, they’re graduating and they deserve it.”