MISSION HILLS, Calif. — Olivo at Mission Hills is just one of the 25 shopping centers owned by Primestor Development, a family-owned and operated company based out of Culver City.

“Primestor has been around for 30 years. I think we’ve seen historical issues, complex situations, but this [is] unprecedented for our business at a time when it’s impacting ever sector of every industry across the world,” said Primestor CEO Arturo Sneider.

Sneider doesn’t know what the effects of COVID-19 will be long term. Right now, he says no one is signing new leases or contracts because every company is on emergency management mode, focusing on the immediate future.


Primestor is doing the same, focusing on helping their current tenants, whether they are open or not.

“We’re working with each tenant individually to understand their situation, making sure that we’re one of the elements of support," Sneider said.

But Primestor developments are also home to several restaurants that are offering takeout, delivery, and also grocery stores. For that reason, Sneider says it’s crucial to make sure customers are safe and for them, it means electrostatic cleaning around all areas of their center.

“We constantly reapply it to all the surfaces, hand rails, door handles, benches, tables, anything that is going to come in contact, anything that is going to come anything that is going to come in contact with people coming to the property,” he said.

In the process of cleaning, they’re also making sure people can get back to work as soon as businesses reopen.