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Bryan Branly grew up in the San Joaquin Valley in Northern California and decided to come back to his birthplace about twenty years ago. He landed in the San Fernando Valley, where he’s been ever since.

As a reporter for Spectrum News 1, Bryan aims to create positive, inspirational stories. His accolades include three Webby Award honors for his work in late-night TV and social media. This year Bryan is nominated for a 2018 Shorty Social Good Award for his reporting on hunger and poverty. This decorated reporter has no shortage of impactful stories on his resume. A notable example -- he once immersed himself in the lives of the mole people of the Vegas strip to bring awareness and compassion to their circumstances.

Bryan is a dedicated yogi, and on any given day, you can find him practicing or teaching somewhere in Southern California. Aside from that, it’s a safe bet to assume Bryan is either soaking up the sun on the beach or up in the mountains chasing a view. Driving up the PCH in a classic VW after a day at the beach may seem like a far-off dream to most, but for Bryan, this is a normal weekend excursion.