LOS ANGELES — Pie is one of the most popular dishes seen on a Thanksgiving table.

That's why Southern California bakery chain Polly’s Pies whips out more than 50,000 in just three days.

What You Need To Know

  • Polly's Pies has 14 locations in Southern California

  • The local bakery chain whipped up more than 50,000 in just three days

  • Baker Erika Garcia can finish about 700 pies in one shift

  • This is the chain's biggest time of the year

From the banana cream pie to the double-crust apple pie and the very popular banberry pie with banana cream and strawberries, Polly’s makes everything fresh for same-day pickup.

Baker Erika Garcia has been working for the company for 27 Thanksgivings and says it's her home. She will finish about 700 of these cream pies in one shift.

"We prepare all the pies for all the families," she said.

Everything is hand-crafted with no preservatives, made just in time for Thanksgiving. They go through about 240 gallons of whipped cream in one day.

Employees across the 14 Polly’s Pies locations in Southern California have been working around the clock since Monday to keep up with demand, with management preparing since August. This is their biggest time of the year, as they make more than 50,000 pies in three days.

It was busy the day before Thanksgiving, but never frantic — even with the phones ringing off the hook and lines filing out the door for pre-order pickup. Jacklyn Mitosinka is not only the director of brand for Polly’s Pies, she is also the granddaughter of the founder who opened his first bakeshop in 1968. It is still a family business, just with a bigger family.

"A lot of planning to make sure every location is supported to get the ingredients they need," she said. "Especially this year, we’ve had a lot of issues with getting certain products and ingredients, so really just having patience and being really thankful for your team."

They even shut down the restaurant for regular dining to accommodate pre-orders until 1 p.m. on Thanksgiving. At this time, all the employees who worked hard all week get to go home and spend time with their family.

“You’ll have someone from 10 at night to five in the morning and you have at least two to three bakers at the time,” explained Mitosinka.

But bakers like Garcia say this is all worth it.

"See all the people when they come, and they have a big smile," she said.

Polly’s Pies is happy to know they have played a part in making someone’s Thanksgiving meal even more special.

The second busiest time of the year is the Christmas season, so get those pre-orders in early.