LOS ANGELES — With bars and clubs closed, one Los Angeles company will deliver a perfectly curated party right to their customers' homes.

Business partners Blake Shine and Courtney Nichols both come from the world of fantastical extravagance that Nichols said she wants to share with others through their at-home party packages, “Of the Night.”

“It’s very fundamental and representational of us. It’s hyper-whimsical and hyper-narrative driven. It’s about encompassing elements of theatricality in your own living space,” Nichols said.

They offer ways for customers to transform into a magical gnome or bring it back to the '90s with a sleepover. The possibilities are endless. The duo is grateful for this new opportunity in a time when they thought they would have to start all over again.

“I had this moment of like, ‘Do I need to reinvent my life? Do I have to go back to school and do something different?’ I spoke to Courtney, and she was like there is no Plan C when you love what you do,” Shine said.

Shine constructed immersive comedic stages for music festivals and Nichols founded the Disco Dinging Club, an extravagant dinner party. Both, unable to do their jobs during the pandemic, combined their talents to bring the immersive experience to everyone.

“To pivot that into these packages and see how these skills can reapply to something new has been a really exciting experience for us,” Shine said.

Each package is a different theme with costumes, food, drinks, activities, and more. It's intended to deliver all the best parts of a night out, but translated to the perfect night in, which is something Nichols said is still needed right now.

“We’re all going through a lot right now, but we don’t think that we should extract joy and fun and play from our lives,” Nichols said.

Each package comes with a set number of items, but you can add additional features such as food, drinks, or a special delivery by a rhinestone cowboy or a dancing gnome. Nichols said she hopes this continues after the pandemic.

"People will always need an excuse to have a themed party in their household," she said. "They will always have a need to be costumed.”

Of the Night can be ordered for parties of two and delivered right to your door. For more information, visit their website.