ANAHEIM, Calif. – Alex Roberts and Chelsey Lowe are athletes-turned-yoga teachers, who will be leading a yoga class on the field at Angels Stadium on June 30.

The two played sports at University of California, Santa Barbara where Roberts played soccer and Lowe played volleyball. The pair discovered how yoga’s benefits  helped them when they played.

“Sports is very mental, if you make a mistake you have to go and be present while you play, so I feel like the mental side, how stressful sports can be, yoga plays a really big part,” said Lowe.

Admission for the event costs $15, which covers the yoga class, tickets to the game, and a donation towards breast cancer research through Susan G. Komen of Orange County. 

Hundreds of folks are expected to get their vinyasa on, in one of the coolest or perhaps peculiar places, a major league baseball outfield.

“It’s cool both ways, it helps people who love yoga but aren’t that sure about baseball and take part in this great American tradition," said Roberts. "And then baseball fans who aren’t sure about yoga can use it as an excuse to get on the field and maybe find something that will alter their lives for the best.”

With attendance down throughout Major League Baseball for the fourth straight years, the Angels are always looking for ways to broaden their base. 

“We’re trying to provide the baseball experience to maybe some people that aren’t hardcore baseball fans, and show that it’s not just about baseball,” said Jim Panetta, with the Angels organization.

It’s not just about baseball. It’s about sharing life experiences with a community of people no matter their level of fandom. With these two yogis, their fandom just happens to run deep.

“My grandma used to sell hot dogs here way back when,” said Lowe.

“I went to my first concert here, I saw my first Major League Baseball game here,” said Roberts.

A surreal experience for these two who grew up just down the road. Now they have a chance to teach the practice that changed their lives first as athletes, and then as adults, and to share that magic with all who show up for Yoga in the Angels’ Outfield.

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