LOS ANGELES, CA – Facebook is a social media platform that has the ability for its users to spread information quickly. Iliana Perez, 19, turned to Facebook when she and mother found a gold necklace with a locket on the ground.

  • Mother and daughter hoping to find owner of lost locket
  • Turned to Facebook to return the necklace
  • So far the owner has not come forward

“I knew it was very important to someone so I really wanted to share it and make sure whoever it is, they’re going to find it,” said Perez, an Anaheim resident.

Perez and her mother were walking up to the front of Kaiser Permanente Medical Offices in Garden Grove to get their check-ups done when her mom spotted the necklace. The necklace was spotted by the front walkway into the building beside the plants. 

“When I did open it and I saw this. To me, in my head, it reminded me of grandparents or maybe great-grandparents and maybe it’s very sentimental to someone,” said Perez.

The locket is gold and has a heart engraved on the exterior. Inside the locket, are two black and white photos of an older man and woman.

Perez’s post on Facebook has been seen and shared more than 3,000 times. 

“I personally check the comments and see who shares it to see if someone says, oh hey that’s my friend’s or whatever. Sometimes I do get inboxes and I get excited, oh someone’s claimed it,” said Perez.

However, none of the 3,000 plus Facebook users seem to know who actually owns the locket. Perez is hoping this story will help reach more people and hopefully get the necklace owner’s attention.

If you recognize the locket or have more information, please email Vicky.Nguyen@charter.com.