ANAHEIM, CA – It has been weeks since the homeless encampment by Maxwell Park was cleared out by Anaheim City employees and police, but a resident who lives nearby still picks up trash in the area. 

  • Maxwell Park cleared of homeless camp
  • Massive amounts of trash left behind
  • One local is cleaning up the park single handedly

Jerry King has been living in a neighborhood not too far from the park for the last 30 years. He recalls taking his son, who is now 24 years old, to the park for Little League. 

“It was wonderful. It was safe and there were no homeless here at all and it was a park that the whole community could come together to and kids play on the playground equipment. It was a fun and free park,” said King. 

According to King, in the last six months or so, people have started moving onto the park lawn, and onto the sidewalk in front of the park. 

“I noticed over the years, especially in the last six months, since the homeless have been here that, I don’t see kids in the playground equipment anymore. I don’t see people playing baseball in the baseball field. I don’t see the organized soccer leagues that used to be here at Maxwell Park. I don’t see any of that anymore. It’s all gone,” said King. 

King said he started to see more trash littered throughout the neighborhood as more people started camping around the perimeter of the north end of Maxwell Park. Instead of ignoring it, King started walking around the area with a large trash bag and a picker. 

“I’ll usually get a bag of trash in about 45 minutes,” said King. 

The day after the Spectrum News 1 interview with King, Anaheim officials cleared out the homeless encampment after the city’s interim emergency shelter opened. King said he was impressed by the city employees and their cleanup efforts.

“There was a tremendous showing of city employees here all taking an active part in clearing the homeless out in a very low-key manner,” said King. 

After the area was cleaned up and restored to its original state, King was finally able to walk through the park. 

“We can walk freely and easily. There’s no trash or debris or belongings strewn out on the sidewalk. It’s free and clear now,” said King.