Los Angeles Unified School District parents and teachers are still unsure about whether or not more than 30,000 LAUSD teachers will be in the classroom tomorrow or outside of the school on the picket line.

But groups of parents across the region are gearing up to be ready either way depending on the outcome of negotiations between the district and the United Teachers Los Angeles union. 

Parent Damien Newton has helped organize a co-op at a church in his area to provide care and instruction to students whose parents do not want them to cross the picket line.

"My two kids will not cross the picket line," Newton said, while on The Beat on 1 Wednesday morning. "... A local church opened their doors to have a co-op, we'll be providing a mix of very basic education for parents who don't want their kids to cross the picket line."

Nonetheless, Newton hopes the ad-hoc class will be only temporary.

"We're trying to provide a place for families to be able to work together to provide opportunities for parents who don't have the option to keep their kids home to have a place to do something besides cross the picket line," Newton said.

He added that he believes that many parents don't understand the complexities of the issue, but believe their teachers have their children's best interest at heart. 

"We don't understand the complexities of the budget and we don't understand how charter school funding impacts funding at local schools," Newton said. "We're seeing the teachers as the negotiators, not the district and elected representatives."

The main concern Newton sees at his local school is the large class sizes. 

"When it was made clear earlier this week that there's a possibility that class sizes could increase under the LAUSD proposal, that's when we said 'Whoa it's very clear which side of this we need to be on,'" he said.

If LAUSD and UTLA are unable to come to an agreement on Wednesday, Newton and other parents may have to make the choice between sending their children to school or keeping them home. 

"The skeleton crews they're talking about at the schools is not a situation that I think my kids are going to be getting much instruction at," Newton said.

"It comes down to that I know the teachers at my kids' school, these people are giving their lives for my kids basically... I wish I could be saying that I trust the elected officials, but they don't seem to hear what we're saying when it comes to class size, which is one of the crucial issues."