The Hulu series “We Were the Lucky Ones” offers a poignant portrayal of survival amidst the horrors of the Holocaust, focusing on the experiences of a Polish Jewish family. Inspired by Georgia Hunter’s 2017 novel, which draws from her own family’s history, the series delves into the resilience, resourcefulness and profound love that sustained individuals through one of humanity’s darkest periods.

Hunter’s involvement as a producer adds a deeply personal dimension to the project, as she witnessed her family’s story come to life on screen. Walking through the set for the first time, meeting the actors portraying her relatives and seeing their embodiment of the characters evoked a powerful mix of emotions, bridging the gap between past and present.

The genesis of Hunter’s exploration into her family’s history began unexpectedly, sparked by a high school English assignment. Sitting with her grandmother, she uncovered a rich tapestry of untold survival stories. From there, Hunter embarked on an eight-year journey to document and immortalize these narratives, culminating in the creation of her novel and, subsequently, the television series.

What distinguishes “We Were the Lucky Ones” from other Holocaust narratives is its intimate focus on one family’s journey. Rather than a broad historical overview, the series unfolds as a love story — a testament to the unwavering bond between family members who risk everything to reunite amidst chaos and devastation.

The reception of “We Were the Lucky Ones” within the Jewish community has been overwhelmingly positive, with audiences craving stories of hope and resilience. By presenting history through a human lens, the series invites viewers to empathize with the characters’ struggles, transcending time and space to connect deeply. Hunter’s family members have expressed gratitude for the portrayal of their story, underscoring the series’ impact on both a personal and collective level. Hunter joined “LA Times Today” to share more.

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