INGLEWOOD, Calif. — Trevor Graham is an owner and barber at In the Cut, a shop in Inglewood that the Los Angeles Rams will be supporting with their new Certified "RamsHouse" program.

“It’s definitely for our shop and some of the businesses,” Graham said. “We really needed that. We were able to earn an income. We were able to have bills paid or pay some bills down.”

What You Need To Know

  • The L.A. Rams have set up an all-new Certified RamsHouse program

  • The program provides marketing, media, & promotion for Small businesses in the area.e

  • The Rams are especially focusing on Inglewood-based, Black-owned businesses and season ticket holders

  • Trevor Graham’s In The Cut Barber Shop has seen business improve because of the Certified Ramshouse program

The RamsHouse program helps struggling businesses with marketing, media, and promotion. On the days that Rams representatives were at the shop, business was up 200 percent — something Graham badly needed due to all the barber shop shutdowns during the pandemic.

“Financially, it’s a struggle," he said. "Emotionally, I think a lot of the barbers here are tired of it.”

Graham, nine months ago, discussed the development happening around him because of SoFi Stadium.

“I believe it’s a time of gentrification, colonization, or opportunity,” said Graham back in December.

As a housing complex begins to be built across the street from the shop, the Rams are doing their part to make the longtime Inglewood community feel included.

“That’s exactly what we want to do," said Jerrett Burke, Rams Head of Client Services. "Drive people to Inglewood, seeing what it’s known for, what makes it beautiful, and kind of build that relationship between the two. Because if you weren’t going down there before, maybe there’s a reason for you to go down there, and we want to help with that bridge.”

It’s why Inglewood businesses are one of the three pillars of the Certified Ramshouse program. The others include small businesses of season ticket holders.

Graham is certainly appreciative.

“We’ve been able to sustain in part because of their assistance," he said.

As the Rams take the field for the first time in Inglewood, they’re doing their part to help businesses stay in Inglewood.