When President Joe Biden announced last week that the Port of Los Angeles would move to round-the-clock operations to help reduce the shipping backlog, a lot of people expected the change to be immediate.

But the effect is likely to be more gradual, meaning industries of all kinds will continue to experience shortages.

During the recent CABDA West expo in Ontario, bicycle importers, manufacturers and retailers detailed what they expect for the holidays.

Five things you need to know:

  1. It is currently taking about a year for a bicycle to arrive in the U.S. from Asia, according to CABDA West founder Jim Kersten. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it took three months.
  2. Most of the parts that are made for bicycles right now are being used to manufacture full bicycles, making replacement parts more difficult to find.
  3. Many mainstream bicycle brands are experiencing shortages.
  4. Some smaller brands are having success sourcing parts from smaller suppliers in Asia and having them shipped to ports other than LA and Long Beach.
  5. CB Imports, based in Boston, is sourcing bicycles from Mexico because they have supply and can also ship over land instead of by sea.