For a city that prides itself on beauty, glamour and high tech, Los Angeles has bus stop shelters that aren’t all that much. Most shelters offer a bit of protection from the elements, some ad space and that’s about it. But that’s about to change.

Five things to know about LA’s new bus shelter designs

  1. Of the city’s 8,000 bus stops, 3,000 will be upgraded starting next year. Los Angeles currently offers shelter at 1,900 bus stops and benches at most of the others.
  2. StreetsLA is currently considering designs from two companies: JC Decaux and Tranzito.
  3. The JC Decaux design includes free Wi-Fi, an interactive digital kiosk, phone charging, a hand sanitizer station and an ancillary structure called a sunshade blade.
  4. The Tranzito design includes wireless phone charging, an information screen that can be read in different languages and ancillary structures for electric scooter parking and charging and package delivery lockers.
  5. StreetsLA will present its final choice to the Los Angeles City Council for a vote in December and will begin installing the winning design at bus stops in 2022.