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Three-wheeled cars have existed for decades, with little commercial success, but that isn't stopping a handful of start-ups from entering the market with new electric versions.

Designed as a lower-cost option for commuters and delivery services, they are just beginning to show up in Southern California.

Five things you need to know:

  1. Two of the main players are the ElectraMeccanica Solo and Arcimoto Fun Utility Vehicle. Both have a top speed of 80 mph and 100 miles of range, and they cost about $18,000.
  2. Three-wheelers are registered as motorcycles but do not require a motorcycle license or helmet.
  3. The vehicles are not subject to the same crash testing as four-wheeled cars and SUVs.
  4. Electric three-wheelers are eligible for a $750 rebate from the California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project.
  5. The Solo is sold online and through mall kiosks, while Arcimoto is sold online and through a new rental center in San Diego.