HAWTHORNE, Calif. — The Palo Alto startup Archer Aviation unveiled its Maker aircraft Thursday night at a flashy event reminiscent of nearby Tesla. Earlier this year, the company announced it had partnered with the city of Los Angeles to launch a flying taxi service in the city. Click the arrow above to get a video preview of the new LA air taxi.

5 things you need to know about Archer Aviation's Maker aircraft

  1. The Maker is an electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, or eVTOL, meaning it operates similarly to a helicopter, only it's powered with batteries, motors and multiple propellers.
  2. It can travel up to 60 miles at a top speed of 150 mph.
  3. Archer Aviation will perform its first flight test with the Maker later this year.
  4. Archer intends to offer an urban taxi service in LA in late 2024.
  5. Designed to avoid traffic by flying above it, a trip from Santa Monica to downtown LA in an Archer urban air taxi would take 10 minutes and cost about $50, the company says.